Coping with Corona: We’ve Got This! 7 Great Tips and Tools


Let’s face it. This has been hard. All of our lives have been changed drastically. This has been for many a challenging time of adjustment.  A time like this can create a great deal of stress, fear, and even depressive or anxiety symptoms.


However, there ARE some things we can do to navigate the rest of this time effectively and maintain our overall well-being.


Here we go!


1)   Continue to maintain a schedule. Structure makes life more predictable and decreases anxiety, especially in children. For children, continue to have consistent work time, play time, meal times, and bed times.


2)   Reach out to others through technology. Social interaction is vital to all of us, especially in a time like this.


3)   Get in touch with how you are feeling. There is no “right” way to feel right now. You may be feeling a host of different feelings all at once.  Talk about your feelings, write them down.


4)   Take advantage of any extra time to engage in a new hobby, do some deep cleaning, organize your closets, or clean out the garage.  Do some activities with your live in family members. Cook together, play games, do a puzzle, make crafts.  Savor the time you don’t usually have to do these things. And don’t forget how comforting your fur babies can be!


5)   Practice these self-care basics:

-Get enough sleep

-Get some kind of exercise

-Get proper nutrition

-Get outside when you can

-And I must add… LAUGH!! It has many benefits, including getting those endorphins, our “happy cells” flowing!!


6)   Focus on the positive. For example, remind yourself that this is temporary. Imagine what it will be like when it’s all over. Think about how much we will appreciate life as we typically know it again. At the end of the day, identify what you are grateful for.


7)   Live one day at a time. Looking into the future can be anxiety provoking. Engaging in regular meditation can assist you with this. There are apps you can utilize for this, such as Headspace and Calm.


And remember, this too shall pass!


We are here for you at Two Roads. If you need any additional assistance coping during this time, just give us a call.

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